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Educational activities and features

Aiming for the solid acquisition of Japanese language

・Educational counseling for infants (0-2 years old) This support is for infants with hearing disabilities and their parents. We offer counseling about hearing and language, group activities, private lessons, hearing examinations, and also classes for parents and conferences for grandparents.

・Pre-school division

Through our daily educational activities, we set our goal for children to acquire enough Japanese language skill which is the base of learning and daily life. We provide the educational environment for each child to act independently even in a group while caring their individual disabilities and symptoms.

 Girls’ Festival at Preschool Division

・Elementary division

Enriching vocabulary makes children's possibilities bigger. In order to accomplish this, we develop educational activities to enrich and develop the skills which children already have (-skill to communicate, think logically, write and read), and to discover their potentials to stretch.

 Trip to Forest during Junior

Aiming for the academic skills equivalent to regular schools

・Junior High School division

Our five objectives are “to nourish independent individuality”, “to develop personality adapted to the society”, “to enrich subject teaching”, “to support building the balance between body and mind”, and “to attempt to use hearing skills”. We put our efforts into utilizing ICT and our own teaching materials or tools to develop “easy-to-understand lectures” to fit each student's statuses.

 Easy- to-Understand Classes

・High School division

We have two objectives which are “to stretch students’ academic abilities and physical abilities by elaborating lecture styles, methods, and contents for individual students to make use of their possibilities” and “to support students make decisions for their future with understandings for each student and support of their family” to develop educational activities.

Aiming for increasing choices for their future

・Advanced Vocational Course attached to the Senior High School

We aim to foster individuals who are able to live independently through each specialized courses after graduating from high school.

(1) Art and design (2-year program)

(Three courses in art, design, and life design)

There are many works which participate in national exhibition and earn prizes or places.

(2) Business information (2-year program)

Learn business or trading related materials such as computer basics (OS), business software or bookkeeping.

(3) Dental technician training (3-year program)

This program is the only dental technician school for hearing disability in Japan.

 Art and Design Course "Painting Practice"

Edited by Special Needs Education School for the Deaf,University of Tsukuba, Jan. 24, 2013