Special Needs Education School for the Deaf,University of Tsukuba
(School for the Deaf, University of Tsukuba)

2-2-1 Konodai, Ichikawa City, Chiba Pref. 272-8560
Tel:+81-47-371-4135  Fax:+81-47-372-2672

Overview, mission and educational objectives

Through our deaf education, as an affiliated school of the University of Tsukuba in cooperation with its educational research and as the only national school of deaf, we release the results of practical researchesnationally and internationally.

Three misiions

  • Maintaining the specialty and realizingthe potential of deaf education
  • Promoting practical research
  • Teaching practice and in-service training

Educational objectives

  • Integrated education
    The systematic courses of study consistent throughout elementary, junior high and high school while working towards developing
  • Matching education
    We aim to provide the same level of academic tutelage as that of regular schools 

Educational activities and features

Approach to the three centers of future education

Brief history

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