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Brief history

May 1875 Six members of Masao Furukawa, Sen Tsuda, Dr. G. Burchardt et al. organized a philanthropic society named Rakuzenkai to start on education of the deaf, dumb and blind.
March 1876 The Rakuzenkai established a gKun-mou-joh (Educational Center for the Blind).
January 1880 Renamed gKun-mou-inh (Educational Institution for the Blind). Two blind students entered in February, and an additional 5 blind students and 2 deaf students entered in June.
May 1884 Renamed gKun-mou-a-inh (Educational Institution for the Blind, Deaf and Dumb).
May 1891 Moved to Sashigaya, Koishikawa in Tokyo.
April 1910 Renamed Tokyo School for the Deaf and Dumb.
February 1946 Moved to its current location, Kounodai in Ichikawa City.
April 1950 Renamed the National Education School for the Deaf affiliated with Tokyo University of Education.
April 1951 Became part of the Department of Education in Tokyo University of Education.
April 1978 Renamed School f o r the Deaf, University of Tsukuba.
April 2004 Renamed School for the Deaf, University of Tsukuba (National University Corporation)
April 2007 Renamed School for Special Needs Education School for the Deaf.
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