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Approach to the three centers of future education  Brief history

Approach to the three centers of future education

Education for deaf to be released nationally and internationally
~ Through Japanese Association of Educational Research for the Deaf and international conferences ~

Approach to education for super early stage

・Public workshop of early stage education for deaf (Every February)

We conduct conferences for instructors for infants with hearing disabilities at day-care center, preschool, special schools for deaf, or hospitals.

Researches to find the teaching methods to offer solid skills

・Support for mothers with schooling records

・Aiming to find the teaching methods to offer solid skills

・Weather Methods -Language instruction and education for senses using weather forecast-

・Teaching foreign language in elementary division

・Practical educations to make children be able to earn “the skill of telling what they have learn”

・Teaching materials with things around them - Mathematics -

・Support for career guidance projects and after graduation in high school division

・Physical growth, capacity and ability of children between 12 to 17 year old with hearing disability

・Reminder of how to teach pronunciation and use of teaching materials in the lesson for children with artificial ears

・Inventing HD subtitle/ projection system for entrance ceremony or graduation ceremony

・Supporting operation of voice input PC display system for training and seminar for dental technician

Conduct research conferences

・“Seminar for teachers of deaf education” Every November

With the co-host Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, we open seminars about theories and practical trainings for deaf education thought lectures, open classes and lesson research. Many teachers and lecturers from school for deaf throughout Japan devote themselves to
their studies.

Seminar for Teachers of Deaf Education

・“Deaf education practice workshop” Every June

With the support of Educational Research Committee for Deaf in Kanto district, we teach the basics of educations for deaf to teachers at school for deaf.

Training for in-service teachers and accepting interns

・In-service teachers in all schools for the deaf and for hearing difficulty

・Interns from the University of Tsukuba

・Open school throughout a year

Collaborated development of teaching methods for students with hearing disabilities

・South Korea Seoul National School for the Deaf (fiscal 2008-2010)

“Creation of ICT teaching materials and global interaction through students’ productions to enrich art viewing in art education at Japanese-Korean schools of deaf”

・Taiwan National Taichung School for the Deaf (fiscal 2009-2011)

“Creation of teaching materials for P.E. teachers to improve their skills for students with hearing disabilities” with Taiwan and Japan

International exchange activities

・National Institute for Deaf Children in Paris (fiscal 2011-)

Aiming to have global interactive activities by having intern visits to each country after exchanging emails

 National School for the Deaf in Paris

Students from various areas in Japan

At the dormitory in the premises, students who came from distance live together to improve their skills of living.

 Dinner at Dining Room

Edited by Special Needs Education School for the Deaf,University of Tsukuba, Jan. 24,2013